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So. Another update of sorts.

They say my on demand narcotic painkiller isn't metered (monitored, yes, but not metered). They also say how pleased they are at how little of it I'm actually using. I don't normally have a high pain threshold, but painkillers do tend to linger in my system (and keep doing their job) about twice as long as the bottle would lead one to believe, and apparently IV narcotics work the same way. Not that I'm complaining about that little perk.

They send the vampires around at about 2 in the morning, which seems both appropriate and kind. It's a lot easier to get blood drawn when you're 75% asleep.

Oh, and I've gained 8 pounds since I arrived at the hospital -- all of it saline, since I haven't eaten a thing since the piece of toast I struggled down on Tuesday morning (and I'm still not hungry *at all* -- I notice my stomach growl once or twice a day in a sort of vague, abstract way, but that's about it. I'm told that's one of the requirements for them to spring me and let me go home (but not the only one). I normally weigh what I did when I came in, and I can really tell the difference in my sense of equilibrium. It's very odd. I may get *flavored* water today (not sure if it'll be juice or jello or something else). How exciting [wry g].

I *am* starting to feel better. Finally. I sat up most of yesterday afternoon (the hospital bed converts into the world's funkiest recliner), and I walked 3 1/2 times around the hospital floor (not all at once).
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